Lander Circle

We've all heard about sibling rivalry. But what can happen to a vulnerable person when the parents take sides?

Lenny Paul, the aging rock idol, returns to Shaker Heights, Ohio, with a mission. While the thunderous chants of "Len...ny Len...ny" at his concerts of yesteryear still ring in his ears, his memories of those days and the loss of Rhonda, his teenage love, have grown toxic. He is flirting with suicide.

Now it is up to his long-time therapist, former celebrity psychologist Dr. Brian Roberts, to save him.

Racing against the clock to a New Year's Eve performance on national television, together they seek the truth about Lenny's dysfunctional family background, the tragic accident that took Rhonda and ruined his life, and the unexpected catalyst that suddenly cast him back in time.

Part psychological drama, part mystery, Lander Circle offers entertainment and insight all in one compelling rendition.


“Really echoed my life. WOW., Gecht hit the nail on the head. Great telling of a story many of us live every day. Hope there's an encore.”

—David Spero, Veteran Cleveland rock star manager... clients have included Joe Walsh (of the Eagles, etc.) and Dickey Betts (founding member, Allman Brothers Band).